Are you aware of ‘workman’ scams?

Queens park estate

Recently we have been made aware of several incidents where individuals provided false information and posed as workmen in order to gain access to residents’ homes. This has resulted in burglaries being carried out and it is important to remember the precautions you can take to keep safe in your home. 
With more people at home than usual, these sorts of burglaries are likely to become more frequent and we ask that you are more vigilant than ever when somebody knocks on your door. 
If you are expecting a repair to your property, we will let you know if we are visiting your home to carry out the repair. Our contractors always carry identification on their person and must provide this to you before entering your property.  
We do not carry out cold calls on residents for repairs and will always contact you via phone or make an appointment with you before attending to your property. 
There may be instances where contractors carrying out gas checks will require access. However, you will receive a letter in advance informing you that they will be on the estate and who to contact. These contractors will also carry identification on their person. In some instances, it may be possible to make an appointment for checks or surveys to be carried out. We recommend that you always make an appointment wherever possible to ensure your safety. 
Please do not allow anyone in who is unable to provide you with proof of their identity or that you feel unsure about. You can always call our customer service team on 0800 358 3783 or contact us to check about a repair being undertaken or work on your estate.