Alone for the ride: don’t share lifts in your building

Lift signage

Distance is the new normal, and we understand this is more difficult to follow for residents sharing one lift with hundreds of others. However, social distancing is important, so please limit the use of lifts to one person at a time or with members from your household. 

Changing the way we use lifts is essential to help slow the spread of coronavirus. This means using common sense and not sharing lifts with people outside your household, wearing masks and following good hand hygiene practices. We have also introduced new cleaning measures to keep lifts as clean as possible.

Signage will be going up outside all of our lifts to inform and remind residents. Please work with your neighbours to encourage and support this new way of using lifts as staff cannot monitor this and remember, don’t be offended if neighbours ask you to wait and get the next lift. 

We understand that the new guidelines can be inconvenient; however, we can all collectively reduce the risk of COVID-19 if everyone does their part.

You should only rely on credible, evidence-based sources of information about COVID-19. Our website is updated regularly as new information becomes available to keep you informed.

In summary, please:

  • don’t share the lift with anyone outside your household
  • wear face coverings while using the lift and in communal areas
  • take the stairs if you can (to stop the lifts getting overcrowded)
  • wash your hands with soap or sanitiser before and after leaving the lift

Visit our dedicated COVID-19 advice and information page for more details

Thank you for your understanding and for doing your bit in the fight against coronavirus.