Major works

Major Works includes all planned refurbishment to the general building structure and any mechanical and electrical elements, of Westminster City Councils’ properties.

At the start of 2018, Westminster City Council entered into a ten-year partnering contract with two major works contractors. Axis Europe will deliver all major works projects in the north and west of the borough, while United Living will deliver all major works projects in the south and central areas of the borough.

As a result, the way that we plan and develop major works has also changed. There are four key stages that take place to develop and deliver each major works project. Details of what to expect at each stage are provided in the links below. We will update residents affected at each stage, and publish the relevant documents on our website for your information and comment.

We have also made changes to the way that we bill leaseholders for major works.  Please follow the link below for more details on these changes.

Our Major Works pages provide all residents with a two year plan and an indication as to what works we are looking to complete for years three, four and five as well as detailing any active works in your area. Please note that the last three years of the programme are subject to change as a result of further feasibility work and surveys.

You can search for planned major works in your area by using the search box, or area links below.