Major works

Page updated: 8 January 2021

Onsite major works projects are continuing 

Last April we temporarily suspended all major work as a result of COVID-19. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.

Since then, we have we worked with our major works contractors to plan and agree restarting the work safely using the government’s ‘COVID-19 Secure’ guidance. In line with this guidance, those projects that were onsite restarted in the summer. Since then a number of new projects have also started onsite. These projects are continuing onsite.

All the latest information on these projects, including details of the COVID-19 Secure measures being taken, can be found on the project pages using the search function below. 

Major works projects 2021 / 2022

As our major works contractors return to work and start to plan for future projects, we will contact residents and involve them in plans, offering support through online consultation and one-to-one calls. You can check the progress of these projects using the search function below. 

Major works programme beyond 2021 / 2022

Our Asset Strategy Team is currently finalising the major works programme beyond 2021/2022. We hope to have the programme published online over the coming months.  In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact us. 

Important changes to major works in the north / west of Westminster - Axis Europe 

In 2018, we entered a 10-year partnership contract with Axis Europe to deliver major works projects across the north and west of Westminster. Axis Europe has given us notice of their decision to end the contract because of a change in business circumstances. 

We have contacted residents with projects onsite or planned to start in the next year to explain the decision and the steps we are taking to minimise any delays. You can read the FAQ guide here

Street properties

Please note that street property projects do not currently show on the website. We are working to fix this. For more information, and to discuss he plans for your property, please contact us.