Tenancy fraud

Tenancy fraud is committed whenever a tenant has vacated a property and it is occupied by someone else.

Tenancy fraud can occur when:

  • a person has been given a tenancy based on a false identity or false information
  • a person has let their flat out to someone else and no longer lives there - tenants can take in lodgers as long as they remain in occupation and have the council’s permission
  • a person is living at the property and the original tenant has died, moved on or sold them the key

How to report tenancy fraud

It is important we know about any tenancy fraud so we act upon it. Tenancy fraud denies people from accessing housing they need. If you suspect someone other than the tenant is living at an address and the tenant no longer lives there, you can:

Please note investigations are confidential and can take time to complete. We will let you know the outcome if we can.