Repair responsibilities

Tenant responsibility 

We take care of the majority of repairs within your home and in communal areas, but there are a few things that you are responsible for looking after, such as:

  • doors inside your home (unless it is a fire door)
  • letterboxes
  • internal decorations
  • toilet seats
  • bathroom and kitchen cabinets
  • shaving lights
  • electric showers (unless for adaptations)
  • installing new appliances in your home
  • repairing any damage caused by you or your guests where this occurs, you may be recharged the cost

For more information on whose responsibility it is to fix something in your home, take a look at your tenant handbook (PDF 572kb - opens new window) 

If you are not sure who is responsible for repairing something in your home, call us on 0800 358 3783.

Our contractors

We expect our contractors to carry out your repairs politely and efficiently. We continually review the quality of their work and monitor how our contractors behave in your home.

You can expect our operatives to:

  • keep their appointments or change them in good time
  • carry and show an identity card
  • work tidily and efficiently
  • treat your home with consideration
  • be polite and respectful at all times
  • clear up when they have finished

In return, we ask you to:

  • give them access to your home at the agreed appointment time or to change it as soon as possible if you find you can no longer keep to it
  • check the contractor’s identity card
  • not leave any under 18 year olds unattended in your home while our operatives are present
  • refrain from smoking whilst the operative is in attendance at your home