I have a flexible tenancy

As a flexible tenant, you have a tenancy agreement between you and the council.  It lets you know:

  • your responsibilities as a tenant
  • Westminster City Council’s responsibilities as your landlord

It is important that you are aware of your tenancy conditions as it may affect your tenancy if you do not keep to them.  We want to help you to do this so get in touch if you have any questions.

As a flexible tenant, you have a guaranteed tenancy for a fixed period.

Most flexible tenancies are for five years. For all new tenants, this automatically follows the successful completion of a 12 month introductory tenancy, during which regular checks are conducted to ensure there are no breaches of the tenancy (making six years in total).

At the end of this six year period, we will conduct your first tenancy review. In most cases we will renew your tenancy, unless there has been a serious breach of your tenancy agreement.

If your tenancy is renewed for a further five years then we will continue to review your tenancy every five years after that.

To find out more about the flexible tenancy review process, you can read our
Frequently Asked Questions (opens new window - PDF 1377KB)