Changes to your tenancy

Changes within your family or to your employment can happen at any time. If your circumstances change here is what you need to do.

Working abroad or away from home

If you are working abroad or away from home you must let us know of your plans and continue to pay your rent. You must also continue to keep to the conditions of your tenancy. This means your council home must be your main or only home.

You are not allowed to sublet the whole of your house to anyone else. Remember if you don't tell us that you're coming back we may think your home has been abandoned and serve you notice to end your tenancy.

Family members taking over your tenancy

If a family member takes over your tenancy while you are still living in the property it is known as an assignment. You may be able to assign your tenancy to someone who would succeed if you died.

You will need written permission to assign your tenancy and we will not give permission where it would result in the property being under-occupied.

Find out more details about your tenancy in the council’s tenancy policy (opens new window).