Do you have an idea to improve your estate or building?

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Since October 2019, when we first launched our Local Offer, we have been working in partnership with residents to transform how we deliver housing services locally. It's an initiative that puts you at the heart of changes where you live, and we’re calling out for ideas to improve local housing areas. Estate Action Plans are resident-led and help to deliver the changes you want to see on your estates – whether it is enhancing what is already in place or looking at creating new facilities. These plans can include playing equipment, seating, planting, landscaping and growing areas or security improvements. 

The Oak Tree House Residents Association was one of the first to co-design a plan to improve areas such as its communal staircase, entrance door, and boiler room. We agreed on how we would do this and complete all the actions by July as planned. To build on these achievements, we are now working with residents to coordinate a new set of priorities for the year ahead.

“This is definitely a win-win collaboration between residents and housing officers,” said Odile Facih, a member of the Oak Tree Residents Association and one of the many residents that have told us what matters most to them. “I think this is a great initiative, as it enables residents to be actively involved in managing where they live. I’m looking forward to having an Estate Action Plan in place, one that is focused on real issues, is better prioritised and ultimately improves the shared environment of residents.” 

We now have over 55 Estate Action Plans up and running and hope to create one for each of our estate – all with resident input.  
You, too, can tell us your local housing priorities for your estate by completing our quick 5-minute survey 

Here you can find your estate to track our progress or help us set up an Estate Action plan, we look forward to hearing about what matters to you.