Your streets should be kept free from graffiti and illegal fly-posting

Graffiti and fly-posting

We’ll address graffiti and fly posting on your streets, prioritising any that we consider to be offensive such as obscene language.

There should be no evidence of unauthorised graffiti or illegal fly-posting (including stickers and cards) on street furniture (such as railings and benches), on the carriageway, on street lighting columns, or on signs or posts on the public highway in any street in Westminster.

We aspire to achieve this, but we rely on reports from you so that we can send our staff out promptly to deal with graffiti and fly posting when it does happen.

There should also be no evidence of graffiti or illegal fly-posting on private land – if any is identified the council will require landowners to take remedial action.

Report graffiti or fly posting

Offensive graffiti or fly-posting

Offensive graffiti or fly-posting including obscenity, hate speech and incitement against specific groups is a priority and will be removed within 24 hours of any report.

Last updated: 9 August 2016
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