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Young people and homelessness

There are many reasons why young people become homeless, including:

  • overcrowding in the family home
  • bad relationships in the family
  • lack of money to pay rent 

If you're thinking about leaving home, talk with a professional like your teacher, youth worker or college advisor. They might be able to help you resolve your issues and keep you off the street. 

17 and under 

If you haven't been able to resolve your family issues, call the Access to Children’s Services team on 020 7641 4000 or visit them at:

4 Frampton Street

We will try to help you resolve the issues you may be facing at home. 

Finding you alternative accommodation will be a last resort. If you don't have anywhere to sleep that night, we'll try to see if you can stay with a family member or at home for a little bit longer if it's safe. 

If you can’t stay with a family member, you may be placed in a hostel if one is available, or in foster care while we consider how to give you the support you need. You will also be given a social worker. 

18 and over

If you’re having problems at home, remember to think carefully about your options before you decide to leave your home. For general information on housing advice and options, have a look at our housing options page. 

If you are homeless now, you might be able to get a hostel place with our Young Persons Supported Housing Pathway. If you're considered for one of our hostels you will need to keep to the rules of the hostel, or you may lose your placement. 

There are 3 centres in Westminster that can refer you into the Young Persons Supported Housing Pathway:

The Connection at St Martins

12 Adelaide Street
Telephone: 020 7766 5544

Cardinal Hume Centre Gateway

3 to 7 Arneway Street Horseferry Road
Telephone: 020 7222 1602

Centrepoint Assessment Centre Soho

54 Dean Street
Telephone: 020 7423 6805


Shelter is a charity that helps homeless people. You can call them on on 0808 800 4444 from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm weekends. 

Last updated 21 March 2019

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