Woodcock rescued by Paddington Library staff

Fri, 01/12/2017


A woodcock dumped on the street in a cardboard box has been rescued by librarians in Paddington.

The small bird, called Wesley, was found dumped outside Paddington Library on Friday, shortly after 1pm.

At first staff believed he was a snipe and therefore named him after American actor Wesley Snipes but soon realised he was a woodcock.

The bird, which was unharmed and hopping about in the box, was taken to a vets in Notting Hill.

Customer Services Officer, Matthew Everatt, said: “My colleague found him outside. We have no idea why he had been left there. He should have been in migration – not near London. Fortunately he seemed well and wasn’t injured.

“He didn’t make a sound but was hopping around in his box. There were nuts in the box and he was quite large so we think he might have been kept as a pet.

"He appeared well, although slightly ruffled."

Wesley has since been taken to a bird rescue centre.

Last updated: 1 December 2017
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