Winter gritting service

Cold weather in winter can mean ice, frost and snow, which are dangerous for cars on our roads and for people walking on our pavements. When snow falls or ice forms we are ready with 8 gritting vehicles to spread salt on the roads, nearly 200 salt bins strategically located on the street that sweepers use to grit pavements, and a store of 1500 tonnes of salt in reserve.

Not everywhere can be treated immediately at the same time, so we plan for areas such as steep gradients, bus routes, areas outside transport hubs, outside fire and police stations, hospitals, schools, and nursing homes, to be treated with priority.


Depending on the information we receive in specialised road weather forecasts, there are several different levels of response to cold weather. Please also be aware that some roads within Westminster are gritted by TFL – for more information, visit the TFL website.


While the roads are being gritted we mechanically treat a network of our busiest pavements, using small gritting vehicles. Additionally, our street sweepers manually grit over 500 other pavement locations across the city, such as pedestrian crossing points and subway steps.

Last updated: 2 May 2017
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