What is the Westminster NQT pool?

For new teachers coming on to the market, getting your first teaching position can be daunting. One way to access your first teaching job is to apply to a pool. Many local authorities run pools for NQTs. Westminster operates a pool for Newly Qualified Teachers who are looking to begin their induction year. Successful applicants to the pool will receive help to find their induction placement and continued support throughout their early teaching career.

The NQT induction is compulsory period to provide future teachers with a combination of monitoring, assessment, support and guidance to help you through their first year of teaching.

In Westminster the NQT pool follows a recruitment process from online application through shortlisting for interview. If you are successful throughout then you are placed on a NQT pool database, and as NQT teaching positions become available headteachers will consult the NQT pool database.

Secondary school teachers

Westminster does not offer a pool system for secondary Newly Qualified Teachers. Secondary schools and academies in Westminster prefer to manage their own recruitment process and advertise independently in the Times Educational Supplement and on council websites. However, you may find our guide to schools and pupils in Westminster helpful.

Current teaching vacancies in Westminster

Last updated: 24 October 2016
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