Westminster's City Plan

Westminster’s City Plan is the key policy document for determining planning applications in Westminster. As the most local and up-to-date policies, these should be looked at first, and take priority over Unitary Development Policies.

Westminster's City Plan (November 2016)

Policies map

Adoption of Westminster’s City Plan (November 2016)

On 9 November 2016, the council formally adopted the latest version of Westminster’s City Plan (November 2016) which includes the Special Policy Areas and Policies Map Revision, as well as the previously adopted Basements Revision and the Mixed use Revision.

Following the independent examination, the Inspector’s Report was published in August 2016 and the recommended main modifications have been incorporated.

View previous stages of Westminster’s City Plan

Westminster’s City Plan (November 2016) is available above and all associated documents can be downloaded below:

Paper copies are available on request (planningpolicy@westminster.gov.uk) or for inspection at Westminster City Hall and Westminster’s libraries.

Any person aggrieved by Westminster’s City Plan (November 2016) may make an application to the High Court under Section 113 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 on the grounds that the document is not within the appropriate power and / or that a procedural requirement has not been complied with. Any such application must be made within six weeks from the date of adoption of Westminster’s City Plan and should be made to arrive by close of  business on Wednesday 21 December 2016 by emailing planningpolicy@westminster.gov.uk or post to: Policy and Strategy, Westminster City Council, 15th floor, City Hall, 64 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QP.

Here you can see information on the previous stages of Westminster's City Plan.

Statement on Affordable Housing Policy

The Statement on Affordable Housing Policies, 13 June 2017 (PDF, 339KB), announced by the Leader of the Council on 13 June 2017, sets out an interim approach to the application of Westminster’s planning policies to support housing delivery ahead of the adoption of the revised City Plan next year.

It explains how existing planning policies will be applied and makes it clear that developments should meet our affordable housing policies and how this should be done.

Interim implementation of the Affordable Housing Policy

Interim note on the Affordable Housing Policy April 2015

This note sets out how the council will apply its affordable housing policy and how payments in lieu are calculated. Please note the per unit sum figures stated in the Interim Note are out of date. The correct figures are given below.

Annual update to the residential per unit sum used in financial contributions in lieu of affordable housing

The 'per unit sum' figure is currently £304,000 (and £406,000 in the designated higher value areas) as of 1 April 2016.

Further information about the decision to increase the figure can be found on the Executive Decisions page.

Last updated: 22 June 2017
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