Westminster Wildlife Sites

Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs) offer the best examples of habitats and contain particularly rare species or important wildlife populations. Perhaps surprisingly for such an urban landscape, Westminster has thirty two of these sites, making up almost a quarter of its total area.

There are four types of nature conservation sites in Westminster:

  • Sites of metropolitan importance - containing the best examples of London's habitats and species.
  • Sites of borough importance grade 1 - containing the best examples of Westminster's habitats and species.
  • Sites of borough importance grade 2 - borough sites are divided into two grades, but all sites are important in a borough wide view.
  • Sites of local importance - of particular value to people nearby.

Local Nature Reserves are places where wildlife are of special interest to the local area, offering the public opportunities to study or learn about nature or simply to enjoy it. Read some more information about the Local Nature Reserve in Westminster.

All sites are a priority for protection and provide opportunities for people to have contact with the natural environment.

Last updated: 19 April 2016