Westminster schools and their pupils

School types

Westminster has:

  • 4 maintained nursery schools
  • 33 primary schools (non academies)
  • 9 primary academies
  • 12 secondary schools (11 academy and 1 non-academy)
  • 2 maintained special schools
  • 1 pupil referral unit
  • 1 secondary bridge academy

Of the primary schools, 19 are Church of England voluntary-aided schools, 7 are Roman Catholic voluntary-aided schools and 7 are academies.

Of the 12 secondary schools, 1 is voluntary aided and 11 are academies.

Voluntary-aided schools are denominational and have a religious foundation, usually Roman Catholic or Church of England.


On 1 January 2017, there were 22,917 pupils attending mainstream Westminster schools and academies.

The large majority of primary pupils (78%) live in Westminster but fewer (50%) of secondary pupils are residents and pupils often come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. 22% of primary pupils are entitled to free school meals compared to 14% nationally and 27% of secondary pupils compared to 13% nationally.

Westminster pupils come from a very diverse mix of national and ethnic backgrounds. 68% of primary pupils and 61% of secondary pupils have a first language other than English. This compares to 21% or primary pupils and 16% of secondary pupils nationally.

There are also high rates of mobility across Westminster schools (pupils arriving and leaving outside of the usual admission time). In 2015/16, the average mobility rate across primary schools was 20%, although there were large variations across individual schools, with some having mobility rates as high as 28%. The average rate across secondary schools was lower at 7%.


Key Stage results in our schools are among the highest across the country. In summer 2017 Ofsted inspections supported this by reporting that 95% of Westminster schools received either a ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ judgement from Ofsted, compared with 85% nationally. 

Special educational needs

In January 2017 Westminster was responsible for meeting the educational needs of 716 children for whom it held a statement of special educational need. Of these:

  • 549 children attended maintained mainstream schools, early years settings or academies
  • 167 children attended maintained special schools

Our school results are improving year on year. You'll find our schools are the ideal place to reach your potential. Westminster, with its diverse and vibrant community is a great place to start your teaching career.

Last updated: 27 December 2017
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