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Shopping, dining, culture and more in the West End

Explore the West End safely

What's on in Westminster

The West End is the heart of London’s visitor experience.

From shopping to watching your favourite theatre shows, bar hopping whilst enjoying the latest cultural attractions to dining at some of the world’s best and most-loved restaurants, the West End has something for everyone.  

The West End is like an old friend that is always there for you and has everything you need to have a good time. Whether you’re looking for a fun night out, great shopping experiences or marvelling at the latest cultural event, which are often free to enjoy, then there’s no place like the West End.

To help you design your day, night or weekend, we’ve put together everything you need to know about the West End so that you make the most of your visit.  

a woman in a shop being handed a shopping bag from the cashier who is wearing a face mask

Whether you’re looking for cutting-edge fashion or enjoy browsing amongst your favourite high street brands or just want to explore the latest pop-up boutique, each of the West End's neighbourhoods has something to offer:

Some fries covered in chilli and melted cheese

One of the things we love about the West End is the variety of cuisines available for everyone to feast on. Dishes from every continent can be enjoyed and are ready for you explore in each of the West End's neighbourhoods:

A rooftop bar with a view onto the thames and of the London Eye

There’s no doubt that the West End is a diverse and so is its nightlife. A night out in the West End can bring so many elements of surprise to create memorable moments. Plan you perfect night and explore the West End neighbourhoods:

Some of the artwork at Saatchi Gallery

The West End’s galleries, museums, theatres and other cultural attractions are open and ready for you to indulge. Also, entry to some cultural attractions are free, so get out and relish all the West End has to offer:

Public amenities

There are a number of council operated public toilets available in the West End.

You can also find public toilets through these sites:

Shop Safe

New measures have been introduced from the week of 29 November as a precaution to slow down the spread of a newly identified variant of COVID-19, Omicron. You can read more on the GOV.UK website for the latest safety measures which now includes wearing face coverings in shops and public transport. Hospitality venues are exempt.

We want everyone to enjoy their visit to Westminster, so we all have to play our part to do this safely.