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Exhibition Space for hire
Westminster Reference Library has an Exhibition Space on its First Floor. This space is available for hire, for further information please contact Rossella Black: Email: rblack1@westminster.gov.uk; Phone: 020 7641 5250; Text/mobile: 07940 146681; Join us on Facebook!

Current exhibition

Lives of the Artists - Robert Good

11 - 28 February 2015

Lives of the Artists updates the concept of artist biography for the internet age. Taking its title from the eponymous Renaissance work by Giorgio Vasari, artist Robert Good uses a well-known brand of internet search engine to conduct a trawl for artists, receiving daily notifications and painstakingly collating the results in an extensive and engaging display.

Set against the backdrop of Westminster Reference Library, a venerable public reference arts collection stocking over 40,000 volumes of art and using the display cabinets, tables and other paraphernalia of the library environment, Good's work sees artists from across the spectrum both commemorated and celebrated as they jostle for space on the gallery walls. Lives of the Artists replaces Vasari's subjectivity, selectivity and authorial certainty with the equally problematic approach of inclusive egalitarianism and undifferentiated searching. The results are by turns surprising, intriguing, infuriating and refreshing.

Robert Good is interested in the possibilities for art and in the frailties of language and the treachery of knowledge. Also exhibited is Phaidonidae, an entomological display cabinet of 1500 paper butterflies. With one butterfly per artist profiled in The Phaidon Encyclopedia of Art and Artists, Good creates a new family of lepidoptera and explores our need to classify and categorise the world around us.


Forthcoming exhibitions

Miracle of Colours - Paintings by Arturas Jonikas

​2 - 14 March

Arturas Jonikas was born and raised in  the city of Klaipeda in Lithuania, which lies on the shores of the Baltic Sea.
Jonikas developed his skills as an artist while travelling all over the world, practicing and focusing on his main interest: colours.  He uses vibrant tones, colour and symbols that reflect the object of his focus at the time of painting. Curved and crooked lines are favoured over standard forms, as well as spiritual aspects that evoke a contemplation of nature, energy and national artefacts. The definition of his line of work is connected to his own experience of life, skill and vision present in all his creative projects.


Previous exhibitions

Winter Show - Works by Daniel Liu

22 January - 7 February

Paintings, drawings and ceramics by London based Chinese artist Daniel Liu.


The 5 Heads of Humbert Wolfe 

5-19 January 2015

Sculptures by Anthony Padgett of Poet & Civil Servant Humbert Wolfe, to mark the 75th Anniversary of his death & 135th Anniversary of his birth.


Glacial renderings

8 - 20 December 2014

Brian Rybolt is showing his latest photographic work, Glacial Renderings, at the the Westminster Reference Library.  This is the first exhibition of Brian’s work from his excursion to Antarctica this past January.  His work emphasises the abstract quality of landscape formations plus radiant vistas of ice and colour.  The occasional penguin may appear.  All work is printed on archival stock using permanent pigment inks. Rybolt spent five days travelling by ship, zodiacs and by foot in the Shetland Island area of Antarctica visiting scientific stations, an old Whaling Station on Deception Island.

Chinese Characters - People and Faces from a Changing China

17 – 29 November 2014

Photographic exhibition by Alison Finch



4 - 15 November 

Sculptures by Angelo Santonicola.



20 October to 1 November

Prints by Sisetta Zappone.


5 x 5

8 - 18 October

An Exhibition of Latvian Children’s Book Illustrations by Anita Paegle, Indra Sproģe, Aleksejs Naumovs, Zane Lūse, Juris Petraskēvičs.


Inner Tales of my Outer Shell

22  September - 3 October

An exhibition by Iranian artists Maryam Hashemi, Feri Heidari and Roya Khalili. "Inner Tales of my Outer Shell" takes viewers on an exciting and colourful ride, exploring deep and intimate corners in the minds of each artist.


Art Jive

28 August – 17 September

An exhibition of artwork by Nicola Wills.


Soho: First & Last Bohemians - the faces and the places

5 - 23 August 2014

Walter Lowe (BA) was born in Northumberland and studied art at Newcastle Upon Tyne College of Art and Design. He is also an experienced EFL language teacher. He has worked in London most of his life, as a graphic designer/visualizer, working mainly around Soho.

The exhibition consists of personal notes and drawings based on historical reference sources from a period around 1600 and up to 1970 from Soho and Covent Garden. The period since then has been covered well by people with a more intimate knowledge of the clubs and circles in Soho. You will find this in the many excellent reference books on the library table.

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