Westminster Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

The government requires all Health & Wellbeing Boards to produce an assessment of pharmaceutical services in its area. The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment is a technical document. It is primarily used by NHS England to make decisions about applications to open new pharmacies or to change their locations within Westminster. The assessment may also help the council or local health organisations understand what services they can buy from pharmacies to support residents and visitors, for example, services that may help residents to stop smoking.

What the draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment tells us

Number of pharmacies

The draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment tells us that there are 93 pharmacies in Westminster.  This means that there are 43 community pharmacies per 100,000 residents within Westminster. There are also 41 pharmacies located outside of Westminster which are within 500m of the Westminster borough border. 

This is a high rate of pharmacy provision. However this reflects the fact that Westminster receives a high volume of visitors and workers who may need to access pharmacy services.

Most residents within Westminster will need to travel no more than 500 metres to reach a pharmacy.

On the basis of the evidence collected, the Westminster Health and Wellbeing Board believe that the current number and location of pharmacies means that we have sufficient pharmacy services in Westminster to cater for the needs of residents and visitors.

Opening hours

40 pharmacies in Westminster are open before 9am and 30 pharmacies are open after 7pm from Monday to Friday. There are 77 pharmacies open on Saturdays and 37 pharmacies open on Sundays within the borough.  In addition, a number of pharmacies in neighbouring boroughs within 500m of Westminster provide early morning, late evening and weekend opening.

On the basis of the evidence collected, the Westminster Health and Wellbeing Board believes that there are sufficient pharmacy services in the early morning, late evening or on a Saturday and Sunday within the borough.

Last updated: 7 June 2016
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