Westminster Local Implementation Plan

Westminster is home to the Monarchy, Parliament, Central Government, more businesses than the City and Canary Wharf combined and a wide range of visitor attractions. These sit alongside residential areas and essential community services that make the City so diverse.

Westminster attracts over a million visitors every day and at peak periods our transport network and public realm can struggle to cope with demand. This results in congestion, overcrowding, poor air quality, more noise and less road safety.

To address these challenges the Council has already achieved significant steps over the last few years through use of Local Implementation Plan (LIP) funding, such as the delivery of the Legible London pedestrian wayfinding scheme, the Oxford Circus diagonal pedestrian crossing and Harrow Road area improvements to name a few.

But there is still more to do. In response to the Mayor's Transport Strategy published in May 2010, each borough was obliged to prepare a new LIP. Following a public consultation exercise in early 2011, a revised document was submitted to TfL and has now been approved by both TfL and the Mayor of London.

The document sets out a transport strategy and delivery plan for the City of Westminster covering the next 20 years. The first detailed three year programme of schemes to be delivered, together with the second (2014/15 to 2017/18) programme is included below.

The City of Westminster LIP can be downloaded through the link below:

City of Westminster LIP: Delivery plan - December 2011

City of Westminster LIP: Delivery Plan - December 2013

Last updated: 22 August 2016
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