Westminster launches its business broadband offer

Thu, 24/08/2017

Westminster City Council has launched its ultrafast broadband offer to Westminster Businesses.  The Connect Westminster broadband scheme will enable businesses within Westminster to get £2k worth of vouchers towards the capital costs for better broadband and ultrafast capable connection.

All connections must deliver speeds of at least 30MB/s but have the capability of being configured to deliver gigabit speeds.

Westminster City Council secured £2.8m to deliver the European Regional Development fund (ERDF) project that will enable micro and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Westminster to purchase faster and better broadband using an approved list of Broadband providers.

Cllr Jonathan Glanz, Lead Member for the Shared Economy, Westminster City Council, said: “We are committed to increasing the provision of cost –effective ultrafast broadband by working with Broadband providers to improve connectivity. This in turn will enable businesses in Westminster to grow, increase productivity and access new markets which are of fundamental importance to London’s position as a leading global city.  

Cllr Robert Davis, MBE DL, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Business, Culture and Heritage, Westminster City Council, said: “Westminster is a national global centre of employment and  industry, containing more businesses and employees than any other London borough.  This illustrates the significance of Westminster’s contribution to London’s economy and our need for ultrafast broadband, so that we can continue to be the best place in the UK to start and grow a business.”

To support the delivery of the scheme the council are working with over a 100 registered suppliers who will be issuing the vouchers on our behalf. To view the suppliers list and to register your interest, visit our new Business Unit website businesswestminster.com

The Connect Westminster scheme highlights the Council’s commitment in leading the way in supporting its micro and SME businesses to grow and remain in the heart of the London, as we support their future-proofing for the digital challenges of tomorrow.

Last updated: 18 September 2017