Westminster fly-tipping campaign 2015

Tue, 21/07/2015

Westminster City Council has launched a city-wide blitz on fly-tipping.

Alongside increased and targeted patrols by 75 City Inspectors, our website function called Report It and an action line, the council will also be turning to social media to encourage residents to report fly-tipping as it is happening.

Cllr Richard Beddoe, Westminster City Council cabinet member for city management, said: “We are seeing more and more household rubbish, like microwaves, sofas and TVs being dumped on the streets. It’s alarming, and it is just unacceptable.

“People need to take greater responsibility for their rubbish, there are 100s of ways to arrange collections, recycle or dispose of these items.

“National laws mean we can only take action against fly-tippers if we catch them in the act or have evidence – so we are asking the public to help. We cannot continue to let this happen.”

On social media the council will be encouraging residents to inform the council when they see fly-tipping taking place using #FightTheFlytippers and putting in an address and time. The council will then task City Inspectors to the reported site to stop the activity and issues fines where necessary. Registration numbers of dumpers vehicles ‘in the act’ are also welcomed.

The Westminster City Inspectors will be hitting the streets to catch people fly-tipping, give advice to neighbourhoods about how to dispose of waste correctly, and act as an on-street deterrent.

The council’s environmental action line number is 020 7641 2000

Dumping rubbish or recycling bags next to bins is still fly-tipping and liable to a fine of up to £2,500.

Bulky items such as mattresses and wardrobes can be collected directly from your property and should not be left by on-street bins.

Blue recycling bags left next to bins will be disposed of as general rubbish. Post your recycling into the bins or leave the blue bag outside your property on the recycling collection day. 

More information about recycling and rubbish

Last updated: 21 August 2018
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