Westminster construction sector show commitment to health and safety in workplace

Mon, 14/12/2015

Taylor Woodrow recently received a Healthy Workplace Charter award for commitment and are now working towards excellence with the free support of Westminster City Council’s Healthy Workplace advisor. 

Clinton Horn, the project health and safety manager at Taylor Woodrow, became aware of how vital health and wellbeing was in the workplace following four years working on the London 2012 Olympics, which led him to embed a culture of health and wellbeing across the organisation.

Healthy and safety in the workplace is particularly key in the construction industry, as workers face very specific physical challenges such as working underground, dust on worksites and illnesses from vibrating tools. This, along with the fact construction workers often work long hours in a high pressure environment, means that it is very important for there to be a support framework in place.

Since joining the Charter, Taylor Woodrow now provide specific services to their staff including ‘men’s help’ offered to get male staff talking, a health, safety and wellbeing leadership team, a medical facility on site to be used by visitors as well as staff and targeted initiatives including a campaign for ‘winter health’ which addresses issues such as Seasonal Affective Disorder.

It is for these reasons that Taylor Woodrow received an award for reaching commitment level of the Charter, which is being part funded by the council’s Public Health department, given the strong public health benefits. The award was presented by Deputy Mayor of London, Roger Evans, at an awards ceremony at London City Hall on 17th November 2015. Taylor Woodrow are now working towards achieving the ‘excellence’ accreditation within the next year. Although a fairly ambitious undertaking, with an enthusiastic and innovative team and with the free extra support that they receive from the council as part of the Healthy Workplace Charter, they’re confident they’ll reach excellence in work health and wellbeing.

See photos of the event here.

Last updated: 26 February 2016
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