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Inas Halabi: ‘We No Longer Prefer Mountains’

Free exhibition entry

Offer ends on 17 December 2022

The Showroom presents ‘We No Longer Prefer Mountains’, the first UK solo exhibition of artist Inas Halabi.

The exhibition is a major new single-screen film installation in which Halabi reflects upon the particular political and social condition of the Druze community living in Palestine, taking individual and personal stories as a point of departure.

We No Longer Prefer Mountains begins with an ascent of Mount Carmel upon which the Druze towns of Dalyet el Carmel and Isfiya are located, drawing the viewer into a world of geographic isolation and a locale shaped by coercion and control. Living mostly in mountainous areas in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine/Israel, as well as in diaspora globally, the Druze maintain close-knit social and religious ties as a minority within and across national borders.

Weaving together intimate engagements with members of the community in shared domestic spaces and outdoor environments, the film explores how the inner politics of the Palestinian Druze have been reshaped since the establishment of Israel in 1948; whilst opening up possibilities for imagining alternative futures.

How to claim

This exhibition is open to everyone and you do not need a City Save card for entry. No booking required. Please visit The Showroom between midday and 6pm Wednesday to Saturday.

Terms and conditions

Please do not attend if you feel unwell or have any Covid symptoms.

Places are limited to 10 people per hour.