Westminster Community Infrastructure Levy

Westminster City Council is implementing a Westminster Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) taking effect on 1 May 2016 which will be charged alongside the Mayor of London’s CIL which took effect on 1 April 2012.

Westminster CIL Charging Schedule 2016

For a more detailed map of the different charging zones view the Westminster CIL charging zones map.

Use the Westminster CIL calculator.

Payment by instalment

For a more detailed map of the different charging zones please view the Westminster CIL charging zones map.

The council has decided to adopt a policy for payment of CIL by instalment. Payment by instalment will be allowed as follows:

Value of CIL payment due WCC Instalment amount
£50 - £999,999.99 Payment due in 90 days from commencement 
£1,000,000 - £2,999,999

Greater of £1 million or 50% due in 90 days

Remainder: 180 days 

£ 3,000,000 +

50% due in  90 days

25 % 180 days

25 % 360 days 

This policy will apply to payment of both the Westminster and Mayor of London’s CIL.

Infrastructure payments

The council has given notice that in some circumstances it may accept payment of CIL in the form of infrastructure of a value equal to the money amount that would otherwise be payable and which can be shown to support the development of Westminster. Infrastructure payments cannot be made for infrastructure required to make a development acceptable in planning terms. Any developer considering making an infrastructure payment should contact the council as early in the process as possible.

Discretionary CIL Relief

The council has also given notice that it intends to make a number of discretionary CIL relief available.

Governance of CIL expenditure

The council is now working on CIL governance issues including how the processes of collection, spend, monitoring and reporting will be overseen. Recommendations will be brought forward by consideration by cabinet shortly.

It is worth noting that we are a long way off appreciable CIL receipts as CIL is not payable until the commencement of development, and allocation of CIL receipts is unlikely to happen until 2017 or 2018 at the earliest. 

To support implementation, the council has published a list of infrastructure which may be funded wholly or partly by CIL. Regulation 123 of the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (as amended) restricts the council’s ability to use section 106 agreements to support delivery of infrastructure on the list.

CIL income and expenditure

The council is required to publish reports on the amount of borough CIL collected and spent for each financial year before the 31 December following the end of the relevant financial year. 

CIL Income Report 2016/2017 (PDF, 122KB)

Background to the CIL charge 

The council appointed Mr. Philip Staddon BSc, Dip, MBA, MRTPI of the Planning Inspectorate as the independent examiner of Westminster’s CIL draft charging schedule.

More information about the examination in public is available on the draft charging schedule page. In his report to Westminster City Council dated 23 December 2015, the examiner recommended approval of the charging schedule.

Paper copies of the Westminster CIL Charging Schedule report are available for inspection at several locations. View the list of locations where you can review the CIL Charging Schedule and the Westminster CIL Examiner’s Report.

Last updated: 2 January 2018
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