Westminster amenity societies review

Recognised amenity societies provide a strong voice on planning issues for Westminster residents. Formally recognised societies are consulted on all planning applications within a specified area and sit on the Westminster Amenity Societies Forum (WASF).

This review will help ensure that information the council holds about the recognised amenity societies is correct and that individual societies remain active and representative in a particular area.

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1. About the review

The areas currently represented by recognised  and semi-recognised amenity societies are shown on the numbered maps below.

As part of this review, we will consider whether any additional societies should be recognised for the purposes of consultation on planning applications. To be formally recognised, societies should be able to demonstrate:

  • a wide representation of residents across a particular area
  • an effective structure and governance arrangements
  • access to expertise in planning, conservation and design

Generally, societies which cover very small areas will not be designated as recognised amenity societies.

We would also like to know if there are societies that are no longer operating or no longer wish to be consulted. If there is a neighbourhood forum in the area which is almost exclusively made up of residents and is consulted on, and responds to planning applications, the community may feel there is no longer a need for the amenity society to be consulted separately.

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However, both neighbourhood forums and recognised amenity societies will continue to be consulted on applications if desired. Both groups can make separate representations in relation to planning applications and all comments received will have equal status.

2. Respond to the review

If you are an existing recognised amenity society who wishes to continue being consulted on planning applications or if you wish to become a recognised amenity society, please complete the review questionnaire.

If you have any difficulties submitting the form, need it in a different format or have queries about this review, please contact planningconsultation@westminster.gov.uk.

Your form and any attachments should be returned by 24 February 2017.

If you no longer wish to be formally recognised as an amenity society, you don't need to answer all questions, but please explain why you no longer wish to be recognised and the name and contact details of the replacement group operating in the area who can take on this role.

3. Next steps

Following the review, information will be collated and submitted to the Cabinet Member for the Built Environment for a decision on which societies should be formally recognised.

The council will then publish a list of recognised amenity societies and other consultees on planning applications on the website.

Last updated: 30 November 2016
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