New homes for Westminster residents

Our vision is to develop new, modern housing where people from all walks of life can call Westminster their home.

Scroll down to learn more about our proposals for Westmead, including new images showing what the building will look like and floorplans of the new homes.


Westmead will deliver

Much needed homes for Westminster residents

Energy efficient design

Improved public green space for the community

New homes for Westminster residents
What Westmead will look like
Better public space
What is affordable housing?
Considerate construction

New homes for Westminster residents

The proposals will provide a minimum of 35% affordable homes. Within the current proposals, this amounts to at least 20 new much-needed affordable homes. Of these, eight will be for social rent and twelve for intermediate rent which reflects the preferred split included in the Emerging City Plan. Typically, the social homes will be larger homes suitable for families. Therefore, by number of bedrooms, 58% will be social with the remaining 32% intermediate.

The private units will fund the build of the new, modern affordable homes.

The new development will include: 

  • one-bed, two-bed, three-bed and four-bed homes, including family-friendly duplexes with their own front door on Tavistock Road 
  • private amenity space, either a balcony or a private garden for each new home
  • no parking provision, except for the wheelchair accessible homes, but 121 cycle spaces will make it easier than ever for residents to cycle to work or around town

Below you can see a selection of images which show what affordable homes at Westmead might look like when the development is finished. 

What Westmead will look like

We want Westmead to fit in well with the local area. As such, we have designed it using materials that are sympathetic to the surrounding conservation area:

  • light coloured brick
  • patterned brick for recesses
  • decorative tiling for entrances
  • decorative brickwork throughout
  • red rust coloured balconies and railings

The design acknowledges the Victorian architecture in this part of Westminster in several other ways. From the tall windows which echo Victorian bay windows to paired porches flanked by columns with deep canopies which create prominent features on the street.

Decorative brickwork or tiling next to the entrances and paths leading to front doors also mimic similar features found in Victorian entrance hallways.

Better public space

At our last consultation, you told us that the green space next to Westmead needed to be improved. In response to this feedback, we have decided to make a number of changes which will make this a safer and more accessible space for the community to enjoy. 

We will make this space better by: 

  1. improving the north / south pedestrian access through the open space, to provide a safe and attractive route through, connecting with Tavistock Road which currently does not exist 
  2. an accessible route for disabled visitors and pushchairs, by increasing the size of the path 
  3. removing the stepped access at the northern end to make way for a ramp, for use by wheelchairs and pushchairs 
  4. the removal of some trees in the area will increase daylight and street-lighting, making it feeler safer 
  5. two new trees proposed 
Bird’s eye view of the new development and your new green space

Bird’s eye view of the new development and your new green space


What is affordable housing?

The new affordable homes at Westmead will be both social homes and homes for intermediate rent. 

What is social rent?

Social homes are also known as council homes. They are affordable and secure homes for people who cannot afford housing in their area. This is the most affordable type of housing. To learn more about social housing in Westminster, click here.


What is intermediate rent?

Intermediate rent is affordable housing aimed at people who generally do not qualify for social rent, but struggle to afford market rent in Westminster. This type of rent is aimed at people who already live and work in the city but are finding it hard to afford their own place in Westminster.

If you would like to apply for the intermediate housing waiting list, please visit Homeownership Westminster for more information. To be eligible to register, you must:

  • have lived or worked in Westminster for at least the last year
  • be a first time buyer or you will have sold any property you owned in the UK or abroad prior to completing on a property in Westminster

Considerate construction

We know that residents in the area will be concerned with disruption that comes with construction. 

We are committed to working with contractors to ensure that noise and dust are well-managed, and residents are minimally affected. 

If planning permission is granted, we will work with residents in the area on a construction management plan. This will include agreement on working hours, and our team’s contact details should you have any questions or concerns. 

If you would like to find out more about considerate construction, please follow this link.


Do you have a question?

Please get in touch with our Regeneration Team to learn more about the project.