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WES holds job fair for homeless clients

Wed, 12/08/2020
“This was a great event, far more than a jobs fair, and I’ve become a believer.”

On Wednesday 12 August, Westminster Employment Service (WES) held a job fair for homeless clients. The event was a success, with many partners taking part, including the Passage, Cardinal Hume, as well as a host of employers.

Peter Murphy, Senior Employment Coach at WES, felt it was “exceptional and very beneficial”. The fair organisers adopted a highly inclusive approach, being aware of common setbacks, like language, that may neuter opportunities for a specialised cohort like the homeless. By providing interpreters to assist clients and structuring sessions on the basis of national heritage and language, more of the cohort were able to engage in the fair and take advantage of the opportunities presented.

The event also adapted to the current times by using a structure that enabled social distancing and the provision of PPE.  

There will be many more fairs to come, so keep your eye on the news updates.

Last updated: 20 August 2020