Validation of your planning applications

Validation checklist 

Information we require with planning application is set out in our adopted local list of validation requirements, which we have set out in individual checklists for each type of application.  You will need to read through the list of requirements relevant to your application type before submitting it.

You can see a list of application forms and then view their checklists here. Our lists were updated in November 2017.

It's important to remember that there are both local and compulsory Central Government validation requirements.

The council has recently moved to digital applications and require a scale bar to be included on all plans to allow us to scale and measure electronically. Please refer to our naming conventions  and combine related plans/documents (e.g. existing plans and proposed plans) to reduce the number of separate files where possible.

Checking your application

Applications are checked to ensure that all the required documentation and plans are included and that the correct fee has been submitted. 

We will you contact by email or letter within 10 working days of receiving your application to advise. 

If your applications is valid, we'll tell you how it will be progressed. You'll be given the name and contact details of the officer responsible for the applications.

If your applications is invalid, we will advise you what further documentation or plans we need.

Last updated: 28 March 2018