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Urban design, public realm and public art

Conserving and enhancing buildings and public spaces improves the quality of life for everybody. Westminster is committed to working with partners to promote high quality innovative design, in new buildings and public realm, including public art.

See recent projects which demonstrate Westminster's commitment and approach to good contemporary design.

Westminster has also produced guidance on new design in the Design Matters SPG. The National Design Guide (2019) provides further useful advice.

Public realm guidance

To ensure that the public spaces between buildings are also of exemplary quality, we have adopted a Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) on Public Realm:

The Westminster Way takes on board the methodology for assessing pedestrian footway capacity in the Mayor of London's guidance called 'Pedestrian Comfort Guidance for London'.

We have also recently adopted a Lighting Master Plan (2020) and new guidance on Lighting Design (2020).

There is further advice set out in Transport for London's Streetscape Guidance and Historic England Streets for All Guidance.

Public Art

Westminster's huge collection of contemporary and historic art in the public realm contributes to the unique and distinctive streetscape of Westminster and brings economic and educational benefits to the community.

Many of Westminster's historic statues and monuments are listed. We have produced a supplementary planning document (SPD) to provide guidance on proposals for new statues and memorials.

Last updated: 4 December 2020