Types of market trading

To trade in a market in Westminster you will need a suitable licence that relates to the type of trading you will be doing.

Street trading licences

Street trading licences allow you to trade from a designated area - either an isolated site or a pitch in one of our markets. Street trading licences are permanent in duration. 

Temporary licences are the most commonly issued licences in Westminster because many markets are being improved and developed in the future, potentially affecting the availability of pitches. Temporary licences are issued for a maximum of 6 months, renewed after this in line with licence conditions.

View more about street trading and apply for a licence

Registered casual trading

Registered casual traders can work in any of the Westminster markets where a pitch available. You can do this by swapping vouchers bought from the Post Office for a temporary licence.  

This is suitable for traders wanting to try out a market before committing to a regular licence or who wish to trade at more than one market in Westminster. 

View more about casual trading and apply for a licence

Application process

Traders will have to pay an application fee as well as a regular pitch fee. View fees list

If your application is accepted, all traders have conditions that they are required to follow. View street trading compliance

If you no longer require your licence, you will need to surrender it to the licensing service.

Last updated: 4 September 2018
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