Tollgate Gardens: milestone reached

New milestone reached

At a Westminster City Council Cabinet meeting on 27 June 2011 approval was given for the Tollgate Gardens Estate Renewal Scheme to move to the next stage - submission of detailed plans for planning consent.

Residents on the estate have been eager to see things move forward having decided in November 2010 that the estate would benefit from major renewal works.

76% of those voting in November decided that they wanted to see development on the estate with Option 4 being the most popular choice. This design received 37% of the vote.

Option 4 involves the demolition and rebuild of all Godwin and Wingfield Blocks, refurbishment of Tollgate House entranceway and the provision of a new community centre.

Some of the reasons residents chose Option 4 were:

  • better ideas for communal areas
  • like the layout of the new estate
  • more family size homes
  • sorts out problems of security, damp and other issues
  • larger homes, more security and more play area
  • existing buildings are too old
  • it makes the estate secure

Some known problems which the design seeks to address: 

  • residents have reported problems with disabled access to the Resident’s Hall located on the first floor of Tollgate House which need to be addressed before the hall can be properly used
  • the low rise blocks have suffered from damp inside the flats and leaking roofs which have been tackled to varying degrees of success over the years
  • although Tollgate House benefits from a door access control system, Godwin and Wingfield Houses do not - leaving their stairwells open to anti-social behaviour and crime late at night


Brief to Architects 21 September 2009
“Open Day” sessions for residents’ input 24 & 25 November 2009
Selection and appointment of architect by Panel (including a resident representative) 3 December 2009
First open day to meet JM Architects 6 February 2010
Remodelling activity including on-going consultation and engagement with residents and other stakeholders March - December 2010
Submission of formal planning application (if appropriate)  March 2013
Possible start on site for works 2014

Contact details

For further information please contact Michele Lawrence  020 7641 4537 or email

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