Thermal mapping heat loss across the city

Heat loss by buildings with little or no insulation can be considerable – up to 17% of energy costs. The City Council commissioned BlueSky to undertake an aerial survey of the heat loss of buildings across Westminster in a bid to reduce energy use in the City.

The survey was undertaken during February 2015 and is available on an address searchable map to help locate your property.

How the scoring is calculated

The scoring of properties is based on the relative difference in the temperature of properties’ roofs across the borough, ie whether a property is leaking more or less heat than the average of the survey.

Help on improving energy saving improvements

There are a range of opportunities to make energy saving improvements to properties. Whether you've already implemented solutions or are yet to consider the options available, the Energy Savings Trust provides information to allow you to make informed decisions about managing the energy efficiency of your property.

Further details of options for your property are available from the Energy Savings Trust.

Type of insulation Percentage savings

Savings kWh (kilowatts per hour)

Cavity wall 8.4% 1,200 kWh  (£120 a year)
Loft 2.6% 400 kWh (£40 a year)
Solid wall 17.2% 2,200 kWh (£220 a year)

Source: Department of Energy and Climate Change


Last updated: 8 March 2017