The Street Standard overview

As a resident or business in Westminster, we believe you have a right to expect your streets to be safe and clean. Because of this, we’ve drawn up a special Street Standard to make clear our commitment to you.

The Street Standard means that:

  1. Your streets should be clean and free from litter.
  2. Your streets should be kept free of graffiti and illegal fly-posting.
  3. Your streets should be in good repair, with clear road markings.
  4. Your pavements should be safe and easy to walk on.
  5. Your streets should be free of unnecessary clutter. The street furniture and signs should be clear and in good condition.
  6. Your streets should be well lit from dusk until dawn, and lamp posts should be safe and well maintained.
  7. When the Street Standard is not met, we’ll put it right.

Are we meeting the Standard?

We monitor our performance against the Street Standard, to ensure that you can see how we’ve done.

Contact us

If you spot a problem on Westminster’s streets, let us know.

Report it

You can also call our Environmental Action Line on 020 7641 2000.

Last updated: 8 February 2017
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