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Recycling textiles

Recycling textiles and clothes bin

Any unwanted clothing and fabrics can be reused or recycled by donating at one of our on-street Scope textile recycling bins.

Find out where they are below, or you can also give your textiles to our mobile recycling centre.


1. What can be recycled

Materials include:

  • clothes
  • shoes
  • belts
  • bags
  • sheets
  • curtains
  • table cloths

Please ensure all materials are clean. All items suitable for reuse will be sold at a Scope charity shop in London and any items unsuitable for reuse will be recycled.

2. North West textile bins

Location Address
NW1 Lisson Grove, junction with Rossmore Road, NW1 6UP
Lisson Street – Junction Ashmill Street MRC, NW1
Marylebone Road , o/s Council House, NW1 5PT
Park Road Junction with Alpha close MRC site, NW1
NW6 Carlton Vale, Ent. to Paddington Recreation Ground, NW6 5EU
Kilburn park road , adjacent to park / opposite St.Augustine’s primary school, NW6
NW8 Capland Street, outside back entrance to Gateway Primary School, NW8 8LN
Cochrane Street Micro Recycling Centre, opposite Cicely House, NW8 7NP
Finchley Road (Westside) junction with Boundary Road, NW8 0HE
Lisson Grove, near Electricity Station, NW8 8SQ
Ravensbourne House, Penfold Street, junction with Broadley Street, NW8 8BE
Townshend Estate, Townshend Road, junction with St John Terrace, NW8 6LF
Wellington Place, junction with Wellington Road, NW8 7PB

3. South textile bins

Location Address
SW1 Anson House at rear of St Gabriel's School, Churchill Gardens Estate, SW1V 3AQ
Chichester Street, junction with Claverton Street, SW1V 3AY
Ebury Bridge Estate, football pitch between Cheylesmore House and Doneralle House, SW1W 8QY
Ebury Street, junction with Cundy Street, SW1W 8UP
Erasmus Street, junction with Cureton Street, SW1P 4HX
Gillingham Street junction with Belgrave Rd, SW1V 1HU
Horseferry Road, outside St John's Gardens, SW1P 2AF
Sutherland Row, junction with Sutherland Street, SW1V 4JT
Tachbrook Street, junction with Bessborough Street, SW1V 2JA

4. West textile bins

Location Address
W1 Cleveland Street, northern junction with Clipstone Mews, W1T 6NL
W2 Bourne Terrace, opposite junction Chichester Road, W2 6PP
Cleveland Terrace, junction with Gloucester Terrace, W2 6DU
Edgware Road, junction with Crompton Street, W2 1TH
Great Western Road, opposite Westbourne Park Station, W2 5UF
Lancaster Gate, outside Spire House, W2 3NS
Moscow Road, outside LEB Sub Station, W2 4JS
Westbourne Park Road, junction with Shrewsbury Road, W2 5PR
W9 Aberdeen Place, junction with Cunningham Place, W9 1AE
Delamere Terrace Junction with Westbourne Terrace Road, W9
Elgin Avenue, junction with Maida Vale, W9 1JU
Harrow Road, opposite Police Station, W9 3RB
Harrow Road junction opposite Sutherland Avenue W9
Sutherland Avenue, junction with Maida Vale, W9 1UP
Warwick Avenue, junction with Warwick Avenue Station, W9 2PT

Harrow Road, junction with 4th Avenue (o/s Queens Park Library), W10 4NE

Last updated: 7 May 2020