Tackling staining on Westminster public highways

Mon, 18/07/2016

Westminster City Council has launched a campaign to engage and raise awareness among businesses to help prevent oily stains from seeping onto the highway from poorly presented bags of rubbish and waste.

Businesses who produce, keep, dispose of, treat, import or have control of controlled waste must fulfil a legal obligation (Duty of Care) to take all reasonable steps to keep it safe, as set out in the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Controlled waste includes waste from households, businesses and industry, and the problem of highway staining often arises because these waste bags are either not secured correctly, are overfilled or are presented in such a manner that bags become damaged.

As a result there is currently an industry-led campaign aimed at delivering better Duty of Care in regards to this controlled waste. To build on this, Westminster City Council has launched a similar drive on hot-spot streets (including Edgware Road) to raise awareness amongst businesses, supported by a specialised “deep cleaning” unit to raise awareness and demonstrate to businesses their waste producing obligations.  

Cllr Melvyn Caplan (Cabinet Member for City Management) said: “Highway staining negatively affects the public highway, and is a real eyesore to an otherwise clean street. We have therefore launched a campaign to raise awareness among businesses to tackle the primary source of highway staining, which is oily waste liquid from food waste bags seeping into the footway.  At Westminster City Council, we take our responsibilities very seriously and will do all we can to ensure our residents, businesses, and visitors have the cleanest streets possible.”

Last updated: 21 July 2016
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