Supporting People provider information

Performance information

The Supporting People team collects management information from its providers based on measuring outcomes of different types of services. 

The national performance indicators are;

  • service users who are supported to establish and maintain independent living
  • service users who have been supported to more on in a planned way from living arrangements

Guidance notes have been produced to help providers complete the workbooks. 

Management information deadlines for 2015/16

Quality Assessment Framework (QAF)

The QAF is an essential tool used by local authorities to assess the quality of housing related support services. In Westminster, we continue to use the QAF as part of our performance management framework to ensure that providers deliver services to a high standard and to monitor continuous improvement. 

Guidance document
QAF 2009 self assessment
QAF scoring sheet

Other useful documents

Untoward incident policy
Outcomes short term guidance
Outcomes short term form

Last updated: 9 August 2016
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