Supporting People service user involvement

The Supporting People programme requires effective consultation arrangement methods to involve services users on the delivery of the service. The government has defined four levels at which service users can and should be making contributions and the guide to user involvement for organisations providing housing related support services provides clear guidance and examples of good practice for all levels, defined as:

  • Dialogue/Information
  • Day to day
  • Service management.
  • Planning and policy

The Supporting People Quality Assessment Framework requires all service users to contribute their views to the highest level of planning of services by engaging with commissioners and having their views taken into account in the planning and prioritising of services.

In Westminster there are many different service user consultative fora that exist across the principal SP client groups, which Supporting People can access to discuss housing related support services.

These in turn are supported by user consultation processes through contract monitoring and service reviews and through the requirements for each service to have mechanisms in place for each user to input into the delivery of the support service and the management of the service.

The outcome of this feeds into the development and implementation of the Supporting People Strategy which in turn is subject to consultation and discussion at the different groups.

Below is a list of these groups:

Learning disabilities

  • Westminster Learning Disability Partnership
  • Carers Network

For more information about these groups please contact the learning disability accommodation manager on 020 7641 3320.

Mental health

  • Housing Service User Forum

For more information about this group please contact the mental health commissioning accommodation Manager on 020 7641 3490.

Young people

  • WALC Care Leavers Group

For more information about this group please contact Children Services on 020 7641 4000.

Single homelessness and families

  • Housing Options Service Improvement Group

The Housing Options Service is based at 101 Orchardson Street  and is the place to go for housing advice, homelessness prevention and homeless applications. If you would like to be involved with the group, please contact the Housing Options Service on 020 7641 1000.

Drugs and alcohol 

  • Westminster Service User Group

For more information about  the Drug and Alcohol Action Team please contact the community involvement manager on 020 7641 6670.

Older people

  • Westminster Older People's  Network - 020 7641 6000
  • Advocacy Plus - 020 7439 3131

For more information about housing options for older people call 020 7641 3271.

Domestic violence

  • Phoenix Group

For more information please contact the Westminster Domestic Violence Forum Co-ordinator on 020 7641 2145.

Equality for disabled people


Last updated: 9 August 2016
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