Supporting London’s growth through localised recruitment

Fri, 14/07/2017

Businesses in Westminster came together at The House of St. Barnabas in Soho, to hear about a new council service aimed at connecting employment growth in the city to the needs of out of work families and residents with disabilities and health conditions.

The Westminster Employment Service is a free to use recruitment offer for Westminster businesses managed by Westminster City Council, supported by local employers and working in partnership with charities including The House of St Barnabas. 

Cllr Robert Davis, MBE DL, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Business, Culture and Heritage, Westminster City Council, said: “We need to ensure that employment growth in the city helps residents that are looking to get back into work. Westminster businesses can support our effort not just through our recruitment service but through offering work placements, mentoring and workshops to help people with the steps they need to get back on their feet. It’s a win - win for employers with vacancies to fill and wanting to support communities and for residents wanting to get back to work.”

“We are calling on the businesses and organisations in Westminster to work with us in providing these opportunities.”

Westminster is the most dynamic and diverse city centre in the UK, containing more businesses than any other London borough.

In the next 15 years the number of people working in the city is expected to grow by 14%. However with a local unemployment rate of 6.5%, which is higher than the London (6.1%) and national average (5.4%), the council wants to connect with businesses and residents on the jobs being created.

The Westminster Employment Service aims to address this issue, as we deliver our vision for a ‘City for All’ where we will create the opportunities with local businesses to help local people get into work.

Sandra Schembri, CEO, The House of St. Barnabas, said: “We are delighted to have hosted the launch of the Westminster Employment Service. We believe in the potential of people and we are also working towards getting Westminster residents back into work and back into independent lives. By working together we can achieve this.” 

The Westminster Employment Service can help businesses find candidates with great potential who live in Westminster and are ready for work. This in turn helps businesses to increase productivity, address retention challenges and reduce their overall recruitment costs, whilst also making a positive contribution to their community and to the lives of Westminster residents.  

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Last updated: 14 August 2017
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