Support for refugees

Tue, 04/12/2018

Westminster has a rich history and tradition of tolerance, and providing help and a warm welcome to those most in need from all corners of the world. We are proud of, but not surprised by, the generous response from Westminster’s residents to the plight of the many thousands of refugees in desperate need.

Westminster is committed to backing community groups wishing to register under the Community Sponsorship Scheme, which enables them to be involved in supporting the resettlement of vulnerable people fleeing conflict.

To donate money

If you wish to donate to a registered charity, there are a number of non-governmental organisations and charities that have specifically opened appeals to help the refugees both in the Mediterranean and across Europe. Some of those include:

·         Refugee Council

·         Save the Children

·         Aylan Kurdi Fund

·         Unicef

·         British Red Cross

To volunteer your time

If you wish to volunteer, please contact OneWestminster which is an organisation commissioned by the council. OneWestminster matches volunteers with their individual areas of interest. Some people volunteer to learn a new skill or to meet new people, others want to get work experience or a reference, and some simply want to build their confidence and have fun.

Looking after young children

Westminster City Council accepts the responsibility of safeguarding and protecting child welfare, including that of refugee children. For safeguarding reasons, we will obviously only be using registered foster carers to provide support for refugee children who arrive in the borough unaccompanied. Find out more about becoming a foster carer.

Last updated: 4 December 2018