Street trading policy

The statement of Street Trading Policy sets out the council’s approach to street licensing and its standards for those engaged in street trading either from an isolated pitch or within one of Westminster’s street markets.

The policy was implemented in late 2013 but this is currently under review. We anticipate that consultation on a revised policy will be undertaken with relevant stakeholders at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 so that the policy can be formally adopted in March 2018. In parallel with this, we are working on a new strategy for the street markets in Westminster.

The current policy covers 11 areas:

ST1    Stall Design
ST2    Barriers and Advertisements
ST3    Filling Vacancies
ST4    Re-letting of unused pitches
ST5    Designation & De-designation
ST6    Temporary relocation
ST7    Hours of trading
ST8    Guidelines for goods on sale
ST9    Fees & Waivers
ST10    Attendance and the use of licensed pitches
ST11    Electricity and other services

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The policy implementation in 2013 meant some change for traders who have been on our markets and isolated pitches for many years. The changes were communicated to all traders through various letters.

Last updated: 27 October 2017