Copyright licences for the street name plate graphic

Westminster City Council owns the copyright in the artistic work of the City of Westminster street name plate graphic. Any work or reproduction by another that bears that graphic would be an infringement of that copyright unless reproduced under a licence issued by the council. Westminster City Council issues licences to personal applicants to copy part or all of the graphic on to the applicant's own products and distribute and market those products.

To apply for a licence please send the following information either by email or post:

  • the name of the person or body requiring the licence
  • ​registered address of that person or body
  • contact details (address, telephone and email)
  • description of product to bear the design or image
  • an image (photograph or sheet) of the product
  • the intended distribution of the product (shops, web-site, advertising, etc.)
  • its unit selling price
  • its unit manufacturing cost price
  • your relationship with the product (manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer) - a manufacturer includes a person or body who commissions another to manufacture the item under contract
  • quantity reproduced last financial year
  • quantity sold last financial year
  • expected quantity to be reproduced

Replies to licence requests typically take 2 weeks from receipt of the initial enquiry.

Send applications to:

Last updated: 30 June 2016
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