Street cleansing services

Westminster's streets are regularly swept and washed to maintain a high standard of cleanliness across the city 24-7.

Keeping our streets clean and safe is a priority. In Westminster, we collect 19,000 tonnes of litter from bins and from the streets every year and litter swept up from the ground constitutes 65% of this total waste.

You can see the street cleansing schedule here.

Special Cleansing Services

In addition to the 300 street sweepers who operate in Westminster 24 hours a day, we employ a number of other specialist vehicles to keep the city's streets clean.

Westminster has some unique problems which mean that many streets need regular washing. These include areas with a large concentration of pubs, cafes and fast food outlets, as well as the problems associated with a large homeless population.

The mechanical street cleansing fleet consists of a combination of motorised pavement sweepers and larger road vehicles. These vehicles are included in both the scheduled daily work and in response to your reports of street cleansing issues. They operate day and night.

Speak to your Westminster Warden

Westminster wardens provide an on-street presence for monitoring street cleansing activity.

You can read more information on your local warden here.

Contact Us

If you need like to inform us about a cleansing incident please report it online.

Last updated: 27 June 2016
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