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Stray and lost dogs

Stray dogs

A dog becomes a stray when it does not have a person in charge of it and it is wandering around a public place or a non-public place where it is not permitted to be.

If you have found a stray dog that needs collecting please call 03444828346 (available 24 hours).

All collected stray dogs will be checked by the animal warden for identification in an attempt to return the dog to its owner and its condition will be assessed. A report is then filed onto our lost dogs’ website and with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Owners reunited with their dogs will be expected to pay the statutory fine for allowing their dog to stray as well as any kennelling and vets fees.

The collection and seizure of stray dogs has been a statutory duty since 2008 and must be delivered by all local authorities.

Lost dogs

There are several steps to take if you have lost your dog, including:

You can find out how to claim your dog here.

Tips to avoid your dog straying

  • never let your dog roam free on the public highway
  • if you have a garden, ensure the gates and fences are secure to avoid your dog from getting out
  • put an identification tag and collar on your dog when in a public place - you are required by law to do this. The identification tag should have your address and phone number to ensure you can be contacted if your dog is found
  • be in control of your dog
  • microchip your dog
Last updated: 7 August 2019