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Our volunteers

Dave's story - getting my wings

I have often been out in Soho, I’ve seen some fantastic sights and some sad sights. I’ve seen people enjoying themselves, and people not with it at all. I remember picking up my son from G-A-Y (Astoria) many years ago, there were some people hanging around, not knowing where they were, with so called ‘taxis’ trying to pick them up. Go forward 15 years and this remains the same; the only difference is that the Astoria isn’t there anymore.

Remi’s story - working as an Angel

I’ve done a few shifts as a Soho Angel and every night has been different. The response from the community has been amazing, and we are recognised by the public, door staff, and the police.

I remember walking around Soho when someone approached my team and told us that he’d seen someone who needed help. He directed us to a woman who was lying on the ground. Passers-by had already called an ambulance, but were able to contact the St. John team in the Night Hub, who arrived within minutes.

Ashlee’s story - a night as shift lead

Have you been out and about in Soho on a Friday night and seen a group of people walking around in bright pink vests? They're the Soho Angels and they're out to help everyone end the night right. I am usually walking the street with other volunteers, but in March I had my first night as a Shift Lead.

This meant that instead of being out in Soho, I was back at the Hub on Dean Street, receiving radio calls from the Angels and liaising with our team mates from St John's Ambulance (SJA), London Ambulance Service and the local Police.

Last updated: 31 May 2019