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We’re creating an inclusive smart city by encouraging innovation, harnessing technology and building partnerships.

A Smart City for All

What is a Smart City?

We’re developing a smart city programme that will make Westminster an even better place to live, work and visit and we need your help to shape it.

For us, a smart city is a city that works for its residents, its businesses and its visitors. It’s a city that opens up opportunities, and empowers all its people to take advantage of them. 

Whether you’re in Westminster as a resident, business owner, employee or visitor, we want to know what matters to you. Get involved today and help us create a smart city for all.

Enter the Westminster Innovation Challenge

As part of our drive to become a truly Smart City, we want to hear your plans for how to make Westminster an even better place to live in, work in and visit.

We need your bright ideas to make Westminster a Smart City for All, so get involved and enter our innovation challenge today. 

A Smart City

What are we going to focus on?

This is an icon to represent extraordinary experiences

Extraordinary experiences

For residents engaging with the council, employees heading to the office, or tourists exploring the city, we’ll use technology to make that experience extraordinary.

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Clean tech city

Our future will be cleaner and greener. New technology will drive the changes we need to see – from improving air quality to achieving our net zero carbon targets. 


Empowering people icon

Empowering people

We’re putting people at the heart of everything we do. We’ll support digital inclusion to improve our people’s skills and access so they can make the most of every opportunity and shape the city’s future.

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Driving innovation

We want our city, businesses and communities to thrive, we’re championing creativity from all sectors. With our partners, we’ll promote growth, build resilience in our businesses and foster new opportunities.  

What's on

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Working together for a City for All

We are at the start of an exciting journey. Our Smart City initiative will eventually touch on every aspect of Council activity. There will be many ways you can get involved, for now here are some ideas to get you started, you can join in by:

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