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See the sights without the crowds. Enjoy the West End like never before.

The West End welcomes you with open arms at this unique time to #SightseeCrowdFree this summer.

Cycle the streets of Soho, dine alfresco, and immerse yourself in the wonder of quieter attractions.

A new experience in the city


We want to welcome visitors back to safely enjoy the very best that Westminster and the West End has to offer. All with the benefit of quieter streets and beautiful surroundings.

Enjoy the West End like you’ve never seen it before, as it is likely to start getting busy again soon. Plan your trip now and have a fun and safe day out.


The West End’s visitor offer currently includes

Minimal queues at most major attractions

Low levels of traffic

19000 sq m of extra pavement space

11km of new cycle paths to enjoy Westminster on two wheels

Alfresco dining in major tourist areas like Soho, Chinatown and Mayfair - with dozens of new temporary outdoor eating areas