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  • An interactive map of bike racks and stands where cycles can be locked in accordance with Westminster City Council regulations.
  • Information about the cycle hire stations in Westminster. You can hire a bike for 25 pence a day for unlimited trips under 30 minutes.
  • The city council supports and develops measures and initiatives that aim to encourage cycling.
  • Details of cycling events in Westminster including bicycle maintenance, group rides and training courses.
  • Information about free cycling courses in Westminster including, adult, group, school courses and bike maintenance lessons.
  • The Council is currently consulting on proposed cycle stand installations. Give us your feedback.
  • Read further information about the various themed cycle rides in Westminster.
  • Introducing cycling schemes into your workplace has proven benefits to both your business and your employees, which go well beyond the savings made in transport costs.
  • Information and tips on cycling in Westminster, including hiring and buying bikes, bike safety and cycling routes.