Search planning applications and decisions

You can search and comment on current planning applications by using the Planning Application Database.

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By registering on the database, you can receive email updates of new applications and updates on the status of applications.

You can also:

  • view decisions on all applications received after May 2000
  • view supporting documents and plans for applications received after May 2000. To see files prior to 2000, please see the Property history information
  • access weekly/monthly lists of valid applications/decisions
  • save searches and track applications (provided you have registered)

Please note:

  • the database only displays details of current valid planning applications. Details of invalid applications won't be published¬†until further information is provided by the applicant
  • for security reasons the system will time-out after 20 minutes. If you have lengthy comments, we recommend drafting them in a word document and then copying and pasting the text into the comments section.
  • search results are limited to 200 results and in some cases you will need to refine your search criteria
  • documents are published online for the purpose of inspection in connection with planning applications and in accordance with the council fulfilling its statutory obligations. Use of any copy documents may be restricted by law and the council may not be entitled to give, and does not give permission for use of these copies for any purpose
  • the information contained in the current database is updated on a daily basis