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Safeguarding vulnerable individuals

Safeguarding vulnerable people from being drawn into terrorism

Published on: 5 January 2021

Last updated: 5 January 2021

Channel Programme

Channel is an early intervention multi-agency process designed to safeguard vulnerable people from being drawn into violent extremism and/or terrorism.

Channel works in a similar way to other safeguarding partnerships, such as case conferences for children in need. 

Channel is a pre-criminal process that is designed to support vulnerable people at the earliest possible opportunity, before they become involved in illegal activity.

It is a voluntary process allowing the individual to withdraw from the programme at any time. 

Who is Channel for? 

Channel is aimed at is individuals of any age at risk of exploitation by extremist or terrorist ideologues.

Early intervention can prevent individuals being drawn into terrorist-related activity in a similar way as preventing them from getting involved in criminal activity, such as drugs, knives or gangs. 

Involvement in the Channel programme is both voluntary and confidential. Individuals may opt out of the intervention process should they wish to.

If an individual receives support through Channel, it will not give them a criminal record.